07.23.2020 Checkaso 1.5 📬

Notification Center + ASOindex benchmark

Remember the letters accident in the first Harry Potter? It was us testing our new Notification Center. Now the testing is over and the Notification Center is ready to help you with your app growth. 

📨   You can always be the first who gets data with our Notification Center. Set up custom reports: daily, weekly, or monthly; and get the precious insights delivered to your inbox:

  • ASOindex and its changes

  • Keywords metrics 

  • Latest ratings and reviews

  • Competitors updates

  • and more!

👀 ASOindex is great, let's just agree on that. But what ASOindex is ok? Good question we got an answer on as now there is an average ASOindex benchmark per category right below the main one. Use it when setting goals and planning your ASO activities. 

Please send your questions and feedback to support@checkaso.io, and we'll help you 💙

👆 На этом пока всё