08.14.20 Checkaso 1.6 🌎

ASOindex Overview to check an app ASO level worldwide

Before this update, ASOindex was Bruce Benner. Now it's full-on Hulk. It's not always green, but it's unstoppable. Let's see what's new.

🔍 New parameters to make ASOindex more transparent

Keywords popularity rates popularity of keywords used in app's metadata (title, subtitle, etc).

Visibility Index rates the number and popularity of keywords that have the app in the first 10 positions.

📈 ASOindex changes

Look how your ASOindex and its elements are changing through time on a graph. This way, you can see whether an update was successful or not. 

🗺 The first map in Checkaso

We know, we know. It seems like an ordinary map. But can you check your ASOindex in any country with an ordinary map? You definitely can with ours. 

If you for some reason don't like maps, you can change the view to list and filter it by various filters.

Anyway, it's the perfect tool to find the countries where your app is doing great and the ones where it could have done better. 

Bonus: you can pick a competitor to analyze their ASOindex map/list. 

That's it for today. Please send your questions and feedback to support@checkaso.io, and we'll help you 💙

👆 На этом пока всё