03.20.2021 Checkaso 2.0 🛰

Browse Visibility Index release

Checkaso 2.0 is a global update of our platform. 

In this release, we have focused on a user's steps when starting to work on an app on our platform. For a better user experience, we have added tips from our Appy bot 🤖 

We also added more information to the special explanatory boxes that open when you hover over ℹ️

— We added the new Browse Visibility Index. This index evaluates ranking in categories, similar app lists, and other collections 🔭

Browse Visibility Index

Manual update is now available in the Keywords Analysis section. Users can update as many keywords as available on their plan 🔑

— We went through the Explorer section. Search hints can be seen right away. Here you can also check Live Search by a keyword 🔎

ASO Explorer

We added a system of filters and the ability to immediately see the translation of keywords 🗄️

This section now displays the Impressions metric. It shows the forecast for the number of keywords uses per day 📈

Now you can add competitors in the head 👯‍♀️

We added hints to help you effectively interact with the section 💡

Please send your questions and feedback to support@checkaso.io, and we'll help you 💙

👆 На этом пока всё