7.07.2021 Checkaso 2.2🤌

Release 2.2

We rolled out a new keyword analytics section — Keywords Intersection. In the section you can see the share of overlapping keywords with your competitors in a selected locale.This way, you can optimize your semantic core and outrank your competitors in the search results. 🔥

Keywords Intersection

When you hover over the pie chart🍕, you can see the ASOindex of the competitor's app, the number of indexed keywords in a given locale, the number and share of overlapping keywords, and the percentage of the total number of intersections that the competitor occupies.

keywords intersection list

Users can choose a timeline to examine a specific time interval and decide which direction to take to build their semantic core. 💫

We have added a search by country code: for example, to find the United States you just need to type US.🔮

We refined the tooltips on the dashboard to improve navigation and accelerate the user experience.

We changed the color scheme when adding new apps on the dashboard, to make it even more convenient to work with the section.⭐️

We updated tooltips in the Overview section to make it easier to navigate and better understand the functionality.

👆 На этом пока всё