What is ASOindex?

What is ASOindex?

ASOindex is an app optimization level on Google Play and in App Store. This is one of Checkaso's baseline key metrics needed for app monitoring and analysis.

ASOindex is expressed through a special scale from 1 to 10 and combines six core metrics. The system analyzes real-time data from Google Play and App Store along with utilizes its own database as well.

0-3 – your application is poorly optimized

3-5 – your application is sufficiently optimized

5-7 – your application is well optimized

7-10 – your application is perfectly optimized

ASOindex consists of the following six parameters:

     1. Keywords.

To find out whether popular search queries and keyword frequencies match your subject search.

     2. Title.

To assess the quality of semantics, formatting, title length and content, as well as brand popularity in a store

    3. Short description.

Using this parameter, we analyze subject-related queries, spamming load, repetitions, number of characters, and formatting. 

     4. Full description.

This parameter helps to count the number of characters, formatting, and emojis.

     5. Rating and reviews.

We take into account a derivative of the number of reviews and ratings and their change dynamics over the entire time the app exists in a store.

     6. Store Checklist.

The system monitors the number of filled fields in the store. Lack of details in key aspects may result in a ban. 

Checkaso aggregates data on these parameters and defines the app's ASOindex, making it possible for you to navigate in a competitive field.

High ASOindex can be a guarantee of success at the early stages of development.

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