More about ASOindex

More about ASOindex

The ASOindex section provides the following data: app title, short description, description, keywords, graphic ASO, rating and reviews, profile completeness, and comparative analysis.

Each of the six parameters (app title, short description, description, keywords, rating and reviews, profile completeness) has its own score that influences the total app's ASOindex significantly. 

The section score is displayed to the right of the screen. The score is a numeric indicator of the app metadata optimization level (grade of title, short and full description, and keywords) as well as rating and reviews. 

0-3 – this section is poorly optimized

3-5 – this section is sufficiently optimized

5-7 – this section is well optimized

7-10 – this section is perfectly optimized

For your convenience, we accompany provide custom tips for each section so that you can take action to improve its score.

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