How to add keywords

How to add keywords

To get started with keywords, add a new app or select one that has already been added to your account. Then click Analyze.

You will be redirected to the Analysis section of the Keywords Analysis tab. This is your primary place to work with keywords. You can add keywords to this section in several ways.

Keyword starter pack

1. You have not tracked keywords yet, so you can add up to 50 relevant keywords we have selected for you using the Keywords Analysis tab. Just scroll down the page to get started.

2. Click Add to the current list to add suggested keywords.

Adding keywords manually

If you want to analyze some keywords that have not been suggested by the system, you can add them manually. 

1. When adding a new app, click Add Manually in the Keywords Analysis tab.

2. Then click + Add and select Upload Keywords Manually in the drop-down menu.

3. In the window that appears, enter your keywords in the keywords field. Separate them with a comma or by using the Enter key. Click + Add.

Keywords Explorer

To expand the semantic core, use the Keywords Explorer tab to find out what other queries may help to find your app in a store. You also can add store search suggestions.

Add a new app or select one that has already been added to your account.

1. Then click Analyze in the Analyze section, navigate to the Keywords Explorer tab.

2. Keyword queries will load automatically.

 3. You can add keywords one by one by clicking the + icon or all of them by clicking All.

4. When selecting keywords, we advise focusing on Search Volume, one of the key indicators.

5. Click Save.

6. To see suggestions for the selected keyword, click the suggestion icon in the opposite field.

7. Suggestions to the selected keyword will appear to the right. You can also add them by clicking + or All.

8. Click Save.

Proposed Keywords

Proposed Keywords is another way to add keywords. 

We show which keywords your competitors are indexed by so that you can add the necessary keywords to your semantic core.

1. Add a new app or select one that has already been added to your account.

2. Click "Analyze" the Analyze section, navigate to the Proposed Keywords tab. 

3. Click + Add competitor.

4. For the selected app, we have found 20 competitors in the current locale. 

5. You can add them by clicking +.

6. The competitors will appear to the right of the screen. Click "Add".

7. Hover over an added competitor and click View Keywords.

 8. In the appeared list of keywords, select a necessary keyword by clicking +, or select all keywords by clicking All.

 9. Click Save.

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