Performance Index and Keywords Performance

Performance Index and Keywords Performance

Checkaso’s new Performance section helps you assess how efficiently you get traffic in different countries and keep everything under control, from search optimization to app localization. 

What is Performance Index?

Performance Index shows how well you acquire organic traffic. It takes into account the quality of app optimization, ranking by keywords, and visibility in an app store. 

How to make Performance Index work?

Performance Index varies from 1 to 10. It may be low for various reasons. Appy, Checkaso’s virtual assistant, will tell you what the core issue is and what you can do to improve your Performance Index. The issues may be as follows:

1. Your app may have a low ranking by key queries and fail to get organic installs from the search. In this case, you may need to work on text optimization and the efficiency of external ad campaigns. 

2. Your app may have weak traffic from the Browse/Explore channel. It's about ranking in your category, lists of similar apps, or impressions in-store selections. To improve your situation, scale your marketing strategy and ASO strategy.

3. Your app page may not be optimized well enough. This means that you should take ASO more seriously. Use the ASOindex section to find out what your growth areas are.

Geography of indexed keywords and detailed metrics

Performance Index makes it possible to analyze the quality of traffic acquired in different locales. You can immediately assess top countries with the highest and lowest values. The data for the last seven days is available in dynamics. 

For a more detailed analysis, you can use the map. The brighter a country is highlighted, the better presence you have there. Hover the cursor over the country to see details like the Performance Index and the number of keywords to be indexed. 

If you choose to display Performance Index as a list, the indexed keywords and their features will appear: 


  • Search Volume (popularity rate).

  • Approximate number of impressions per day.

  • App ranking by keyword. 

Everything is available for all countries. 

Add the indexed keywords to the tracked keywords right here. You can do that for one or several locales at once. For convenience, you can enable translation into English or Russian, depending on your interface language. Filtering by region is available too. 

ASO tools

Keywords Performance

This section will help you monitor any action your competitors take depending on a certain indexed keyword. The most important queries can be added to those that are tracked. This makes it even easier to keep track of the situation as you can see all changes as a single list. Click on one of the values like Search Volume, number of impressions, or app ranking by keyword to examine its dynamics in detail. 

ASO tools

For your convenience, there are different modes of operation, filters, and keyword search. You can select time intervals, work with locales, and translate your keywords into English or Russian.

ASO tools

Features of the section. An overview

The Performance section makes it possible to:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of acquiring traffic in different locales, both your own and that of your competitors. 

  • Understand what prevents you from attracting more traffic: low ranking, insufficient work with the Browse/Explore channel, or optimization quality. Based on this data, you can adjust your promotion strategy right.

  • Select current queries based on their metrics: popularity, number of impressions, and changes in ranking for certain keywords. The values can be analyzed in dynamics. 

  • Monitor your competitors’ every action in different locales and draw conclusions about possible search engine optimization strategies. 

  • Keep track of the success of your own and competitors’ localization in one place and in a convenient format: through maps, lists, and diverse charts. 

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