Often when working with keywords, there is a need to combine them into a group. Our platform allows you to group keywords for the convenience of working with them.


  To start grouping keywords, select an application that already has keys added, or pre-add them.

  1. Click “Analyze”. You will be redirected to the “Analysis”.


2. Section of the “Keywords Analysis” tab.

Keywords Analysis

  3. Click “+

  4. Enter the group name in the field that appears and click “Create”.

Keywords Analysis

  5. Click “+ Add” and select the source from which you will be loading the keys into the group: either ‘monitored keywords’ or adding your own keys manually.

  6. Adding keywords from ‘Tracking keywords’, you will get redirected to the ‘Add tracking keywords’ page. To add a keyword, click “+” in the field and click “All”.

aso tools

  7. Click “Add”.

aso tools

The selected keywords will be added to the created group.

To add manually written keys to a group in the “Keywords Analysis” tab, click “+ Add”, in the menu that has appeared, select “Upload your keywords”.

  8. In the window that appears, in the keywords field, you can enter your keywords, separated by a comma or by using the Enter key.

9. Click “+ Add”.

Keywords Analysis

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