1. Click the Analysis tab and Rating and Reviews section then. Let’s start with Rating.

2. You can begin with an analysis of the current app or you can form the list of
competitors (up to 20). Click Add Competitor.

3. Choose from suggested ones or find the right competitor manually through the Search.

4. Select the needed one from the list after adding. At any moment you can revert to your app, clicking Back to my app.

5. Use the filter by date to choose the period needed for analysis. Click Apply then.

6. At the Rating Overview field, you can see the diagram that shows your app rating for the selected period. Infographics show the volume of positive, neutral and negative reviews by day. Point to a date to see the average overall for that specific day.

7. The blue diagram clearly displays a rising or falling trend. It helps in the analysis of tipping points.

8. In the field Rating, you can easily compare rating on the specific period with the current one, paying attention to the number of reviews.

9. Use Rating by version field to estimate the success of your update among users.

We recommend you to make Rating and Reviews analysis together. So let’s switch to Reviews article.

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